Dr. Graff Discusses Optimal Dosing of Tamoxifen in Breast Cancer

Stephanie L. Graff, MD

Published: Monday, Feb 25, 2019

Stephanie L. Graff, MD, director of the Breast Program at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health, and associate director of the Breast Cancer Research Program at Sarah Cannon Research Institute, discusses patient factors used to consider the optimal treatment duration of tamoxifen in patients with breast cancer.

For patients with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), there is not a well-defined treatment regimen to use based on clinical studies. In fact, recent clinical trials have randomized patients to receive either the standard 5 mg of tamoxifen or no tamoxifen. A rising treatment option in this setting has been the aromatase inhibitors, which have shown a slight survival advantage over tamoxifen.

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