HU Proton Therapy Institute Joins Network Researching Imaging Tools for Cancer Diagnosis

By: Tara BozickContact Reporter Staff writer

Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute was accepted as an associate member of the quantitative imaging network at the National Cancer Institute.

The network promotes research, development and clinical validation of imaging tools and methods for cancer diagnosis, said Bill Thomas, HU associate vice president of governmental relations.

Additionally, the university said it landed a $2 million contract from the Virginia Department of Health to further develop research resources at the Proton Therapy Institute in support of various projects, including MRI imaging capability.

The Proton Therapy Institute’s research in quantitative imaging is focused on improving industry standard methods and technologies, according to a news release. The institute also collaborated with HU’s Skin of Color Research Institute and Simplicity Hair Oil to propose a research program to study prevention, reduction, and recovery of radiation-damaged skin from side effects of radiation therapy. That program would also use quantitative MRI imaging analysis.

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